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Dolomiti Parasailing


In the wonderful atmosphere of the Dolomites, Tandem-fly Kronplatz Paragliding offers a unique and unforgettable experience in the paragliding world. Leaving the majesty of the mountains, adventurers can always take an emotional flight with the expert Tandem-fly Kronplatz pilots.

Paragliding over the Dolomites with Tandem-fly Kronplatz Paragliding transforms into an exciting trip among the families, offering spectacular views and unique sensations in their genre. Skilled and experienced pilots guide participants across currents that overtake the Dolomites, creating an experience of flying without any safety measures, encouraging those who live an electric but completely safe experience.

Paragliding enthusiasts in the Dolomites will find in Tandem-fly Kronplatz Paragliding not only the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine in the air, but also to connect with the natural beauty and unique energy of this UNESCO world heritage. Everyone wanted to tell a story of adventure among the mountains, a symphony of emotions that only the Dolomites can offer.

The experience of paragliding in the Dolomites with Tandem-fly Kronplatz Paragliding becomes an extraordinary opportunity to explore the sky and the clouds, capturing the magic of an unforgettable flight in one of the most iconic natural scenery in the world.

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